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After more than 120 company foundations, we can be truly proud of ourselves!

We have already emigrated to Cyprus…and know exactly where you are right now.

We have asked ourselves exactly the same questions that you currently have in mind when planning your company formation in Cyprus.

Our existing tax advisor – or a Cypriot specialist?

Who is the right tax advisor, where can I find a suitable lawyer, who do I entrust with the formation of my company? Will everything be done on time and correctly? With Unite Markets, we would like to use our experience and our tax advisors and lawyers to help you answer precisely these questions. Benefit from working with contacts who know the legislation, the tax system and have the best contacts in the Cypriot administration!

It takes a lot of courage to emigrate, this step is exciting enough! With Unite Markets and our partners, incorporation and immigration is as quick and easy as possible without any unforeseen complications.

Nina Stallinger

CTO & Shareholder

Combining expertise with competence and local specialists!

My premise is to always offer the customer the best. It took me years to find trustworthy partners in Cyprus who don’t send you from authority to authority with “PDF TO-DO LISTS” and then just want to cash in. Many of my questions remained unanswered and as a result I only had problems.

Setting up a company here in Cyprus presents a mother of 2 children and 2 stepchildren with new challenges. Schools are also an ongoing issue here in Cyprus. I am also happy to advise you on private issues and help you choose the right school!

Thomas Stallinger

CEO & Shareholder

Why not get it right from the start?

Setting up a company in a foreign country always presents an entrepreneur with new challenges: What is the right form of company? Or should it be a complex company structure with a holding company as a stable island for further company foundations and larger location networks? Our lawyers and tax advisors with decades of experience in international business will cater 100% to your visions and wishes and provide competent and legally compliant advice in advance.

Charalambos Papasavvas

Lawyer & Partner


Mr. Papasavvas has many years of extensive experience in advising international companies and organisations at the highest level. He specialises in cross-border investments, corporate structuring, drafting international contracts and agreements, banking, financial regulation and corporate governance. He is widely recognised as a leading advisor to private clients on wealth management issues, including corporate tax law, domicile and re-domicile transactions and as a financial regulatory advisor in a wide range of areas.

Kristina Liskavidou

Lawyer & Partner

Because knowledge means a head start

Ms Liskavidou has many years of extensive experience in corporate and commercial law with a particular focus on cross-border transactions such as corporate relocations, tax law and tax planning as well as the drafting of international contracts and agency agreements. She also has extensive experience in immigration law, particularly in relation to high net worth individuals, real estate, property transfers, wills, succession, probate and contract law.

Charalambos Pittakas

Accounting & Partner

Cypriot tax law – complex but fair

Mr Pittakas analyses and identifies all process improvement techniques and creates solutions in coordination with several departments of our company. He is responsible for the maintenance and improvement of accounting processes and systems, such as record keeping, preparation of regular monthly and quarterly reports and preparation of financial reports.

Matthias Schmidt

Marketing & Sales

Sound knowledge is always the first step!

Paving the way to success – that is my passion. As an all-rounder, I understand the dynamics of the market and focus on innovative strategies to realise your plans.

In a world that is constantly changing, it is crucial to identify and implement the best strategies. This is exactly where I come in. With a solid background in retail, e-commerce and banking, I develop customised solutions that not only guarantee momentary success, but also have a lasting impact.

Laura Weber

Social Media & Editing

Because first impressions count!

The world is connecting at a rapid pace, and in this era of digital communication, a strong online presence is essential. As a social media and editorial expert, I offer you my passion for creative communication and strategic content creation.

In an age where first impressions are made online, it’s crucial to develop an authentic voice and get your message across effectively. With a background in copywriting, social media and editing, I understand the intricacies of the digital landscape and utilise them purposefully to make your brand shine.


Feedback from our clients

Statements from our customers

Petra Wessel

Thanks to the whole team for the wonderful support and the realisation of my ideas. I am happy to recommend you to my network! I am convinced that many more German companies will relocate to Cyprus due to the economic situation.

Archim Teglov

With the help of Mr Stallinger, the company formation was completed in a very short time. Unfortunately, my German lawyer had given me completely wrong information regarding tax law and the registration of employees in Cyprus. Thank God I revised my calculations again with the tax consultant from Cyprus.

Rebecca Kleinschmid

I had already researched the topic of company formation in Cyprus from home, but the information I had from the Internet was unfortunately incorrect or too vague. With the personal support of Unite Markets, I was able to speak directly to competent business lawyers and tax advisors and in no time at all I had my Cypriot Limited.

It's the results
that matter!

When the chemistry is right…

With Mr Papasavvas, Ms Liskavidou and Mr Pittakas, we have deliberately chosen a local contact who is familiar with the laws, taxes and processes on the island of Cyprus. Not only do we trust them with the establishment and administration of several companies, but our clients are also always impressed by their way of working.

We particularly appreciate their fast response times, their extensive local network and their professional and discreet way of working.

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