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Have you already decided to emigrate to Cyprus? Or do you just want information for your immigration and company formation? Don’t worry, we can help you with the necessary services for your immigration.

One of the most important aspects of international relocation planning is tax advice. Here, experts can help you understand the tax laws and regulations in Cyprus and ensure that you fulfil all the necessary tax obligations.

Accounting also plays a crucial role in managing your finances in Cyprus. Professional accountants can help you properly record your income and expenses and ensure that you have a solid financial base.

And when it comes to setting up your own business, it is of the utmost importance that this is done in a legally compliant manner. With the help of professionals, you can ensure that your company formation is based on legally sound foundations and that all the necessary steps are followed.

With these services for your immigration to Cyprus, experts are on hand to make your transition as smooth as possible. Look forward to a new chapter full of opportunities in this beautiful country!

Immigration service

The best personal support
Our services
  • Yellow Slip
  • Non Dom Status
  • GESY health insurance
  • Counselling schools in Cyprus
  • Acquisition of Cypriot citizenship
  • Obtaining work permits
  • Visa applications

Company foundation

Legally compliant & fast
Our services
  • Advice on the right legal form
  • Checking the company name in the commercial register
  • Standard statutes
  • Social contract
  • Notarisation of documents
  • Brand registration
  • Coordination of visits to the authorities

Banking services

Your bank account in Cyprus
Our services
  • Personal bank account in Cyprus
  • Business bank account in Cyprusin Zypern
  • Bank account for digital currencies
  • Review of the application for submission to the bank
  • International bank accounts
  • Private accounts and special business accounts
  • Advice on bank selection

Tax services

Always on the safe side
Our services
  • Personal tax number
  • Corporation tax number
  • UID number application
  • VIES Registration
  • EORI registration
  • Tax residence certificate
  • Non-Domicile Certificate
  • Registration for social insurance
  • Settlement of social security contributions

Websites & Portals

Web design & programming
Our services
  • Web project planning
  • Software development
  • App programming
  • CMS Systems
  • API & interface programming
  • CRM connections
  • Google Analytics
  • Google ads support
  • Social media campaigns

Hosting & Domains

Our services
  • Domain research
  • Domain registration
  • Webspace
  • Cloud-Services
  • SSL certificates
  • Server solutions
  • Fixed IP addresses
  • VPN telephony
  • Geo-Cluster


The most frequently asked questions

We look after you personally! You are important to us! You will not receive impersonal PDF documents from us where you have to take care of everything. This approach is often “sold” by our competitors.

Our business partners consist of renowned lawyers, notaries and tax advisors and have many years of experience in company formation in Cyprus. Furthermore, our partners have direct contact with the most important key offices and authorities, which speeds up processes.

Depending on the scope of services, you should allow between 8 and 21 days.

In a personal meeting, we will discuss all the necessary documents you need to provide to ensure a speedy naturalisation process.

You will receive a written offer for all service items in advance. This offer is modular and clearly structured; ultimately, you decide which services you want to book.

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